Her Story

   Whether she graces the stage with simply her piano and a song, or with her electrifying band, Sierra Jamerson bares her soul on stage. With climbing vocals and locked in grooves, Sierra's authenticity often moves audiences to tears. Sonically, she is frequently described as "Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys and Erykah Badu all wrapped into one, with something you can't quite describe added." Her message is one of peace. Lyrically she is raw and honest, tackling themes of self-love, body image, the environment, spirituality, heartbreak, passion, and equality. Her songs are derived from a wisdom beyond her years, and the desire to uplift all audiences, but especially to empower other young women.

   Sierra has performed with many notable international artists, including Mavis Staples, legendary Motown group The Drifters, Madagascar Slim and Josh Groban. One of her proudest achievements occurred in 2005, where she sang in a command performance for Queen Elizabeth II. She has received numerous awards for her music, including the Rawlco Radio Continuing Award and the Astral Media Radio GP Scholarship.  Her debut EP, "Blood in the Water" was nominated for Best Urban Recording at the 2015 Western Canadian Music Awards. It also reached number two on Ride the Tempo's indie charts, and has been played on radio stations across North America. She is currently writing and recording her second EP, gearing for her upcoming Western Canadian tour, and lending her voice to various social justice causes in her community.

Sierra Jamerson is more than just a singer. She is an advocate, speaking out often in support of the people she shares community with. When she is not teaching or creating music, she hosts free workshops for women, LGBTQ and gender non-conforming people interested in becoming involved in their local music scene. She is also a passionate voice on behalf of Indigenous and African-American issues, especially those that impact women and children. Sierra is a spirit healer, a painter, a tarot reader, a lover, a teacher and a warrior woman following in the footsteps of the many Grandmothers before her. Music for her is not a popularity contest, but a way of living in connection and harmony with herself, the Earth, and everyone she meets.

  Born into a family of gifted musicians, Sierra has been surrounded by music since birth.  She cut her musical teeth at the tender age of eleven as one of four lead vocalists in her  family's Traditional Black Gospel group, touring nationwide. At that same age she began writing original music influenced by the history and culture of her father's people, the Tahltan First Nation. This unique upbringing provided her with the ability to interpret Jazz, Soul and R&B music with an expressly intuitive understanding, combining the rhythm and groove of the sounds of Black America with the traditional teachings of Turtle Island. 

Sierra has been described as "an open channel of musical expression of the highest order" a "true performer; a “bright up and coming artist" and a "fresh sound in Canadian music".