Photo by: DRH Photography
Agency: Made Models

Her Story


Whether she graces the stage with simply her piano and a song, or with her electrifying band, Sierra Jamerson bares her soul on stage. With climbing vocals and locked in grooves, Sierra's authenticity often moves audiences to laughter and tears. Sonically, she is described as "Fiona Apple and Erykah Badu all wrapped into one”. While she can demonstrate her vocal prowess in nearly any genre from reggae to rock, her heart finds its home in the Jazz, RnB, gospel and  introspective pop music she grew up on. 

Her message is one of peace. Lyrically she is raw and honest, tackling themes of self-love, body image, the environment, spirituality, heartbreak, passion, and politics. Her songs are derived from a wisdom beyond her years, and the desire to uplift and reach the heart of everyone who hears her. 

Sierra has performed with many notable international artists, including Mavis Staples, legendary Motown group The Drifters, Madagascar Slim and Josh Groban. One of her proudest achievements occurred in 2005, where she sang in a command performance for Queen Elizabeth II. She has received numerous awards for her music, including the Rawlco Radio Continuing Award and the Astral Media Radio GP Scholarship.  Her debut EP, "Blood in the Water" was nominated for Best Urban Recording at the 2015 Western Canadian Music Awards. It also reached number two on Ride the Tempo's indie charts and has been played on radio stations across North America. She is currently writing and recording her second EP, which is taking shape as her most confessional piece of work yet. 

Sierra Jamerson is more than just a singer. Her music, teaching, and community work all follow the same arrow: to be of service to others in their healing journey. She is a strong advocate for marginalized children, youth and families. Using expertise from both her Bachelor’s Degree with distinction in Child and Youth Care, and her Diploma in Jazz and Contemporary Vocal Performance, she facilitates workshops, classes, clinics, support groups and offers mentorship in both music and holistic wellness. Sierra is a musically and spiritually gifted artist who uses the power of her words and her otherworldly presence to follow in the footsteps of the many Grandmothers before her.  

Sierra has been described as "an open channel of musical expression of the highest order" a "true performer; a “bright up and coming artist" and a "fresh sound in Canadian music".