Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! Turn and Face the Strange...

So It turns out I wasn't meant to be a housewife. 

I keep coming back to the music. 

I really liked being a fiancee, but my fiance...well, didn't. My  [ex]-fiance liked the receptionist at work. 

So now I'm writing songs, and recording guest features on other folk's albums, and even singing in a local musical! 

Since the split I've met someone who shares my passions and it's awakened a part of me I had put to sleep; me as an artist, me as a creative. It was just really hard to be the musician I wanted to be when I was struggling with so many things and feeling uninspired and lacking support. I stopped believing in my talent and my dreams. 

I thought it was a really good idea to love someone who wasn't an artist because they would provide me with stability. Turns out stability can sometimes mean stagnation. 


Embrace change, embrace the uncertain. Nothing is promised for tomorrow. 


I'm going to keep making covers and uploading them, it's fun. Here's a cover of one of my favorite songs. I sang it on a Friday, she left me on a Saturday, and now life feels like Sunday morning; sacred and full of promise. 

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