COVID-19 Lesson Fees 

Hello singers!


In support of my community, I am offering two ways to make lessons more affordable.

1) A free 30 minute trial lesson for anyone who signs up for one - no strings attached.


2) A reduced price or lesson enrollment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


I am deeply concerned about those who have lost income stability, and I want music to be as accessible as possible. While I can't give away EVERYTHING for free, because I have to pay my bills too (and they don’t  accept love and light at the gas pump, sadly!) I am giving a discount on monthly lesson fees to new student sign ups. 


Here's the breakdown:

70$/1h weekly lesson is now 50$/1hr weekly lesson.

Lesson fees are paid monthly, for a total of 200$/month instead of 280$ a month (if there's 4 lessons in a month)

On the occasional month where there is an extra lesson (say, you're booked on Fridays and there is an extra Friday in the month) fees are 250$/month instead of 350$/month. 


When you study with me, you get unlimited access to personalized vocal warm up downloads, guided meditations, journal prompts, as well as videos you can watch and lesson notes to support your practice at home. And of course, I can always be reached by email or text if you need anything between sessions. 


My goal is to use every tool at my disposal - my energetic gifts, musical and teaching experience, and some financial relief- to support you on your journey. 

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